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United Kingdom (National)

  • Specification: MagazineAds_1v4 (by GWG)
  • PDF Standard: PDF/X-1a:2001
  • Crop Marks: Required for ads with bleed
    • Binding: Perfect binding

Convert to CMYK using these settings:

Display Fixed Sizes

Live matter & type safety: Allow 10mm from trim and 13mm from bleed

Double gutter image: it is the file creator’s responsibility to include double gutter image allowance, if required. Neither Condé Nast nor our repro house nor our printer will apply double gutter image. As a recommendation only: no type should appear within 6mm either side of the gutter on a spread. If other important elements run through the gutter on a spread the middle of the spread should have a duplication of 6mm contained within the trim areas.

  • Full Page

    Trim: W 190mm x H 245mm

    Bleed: W 196mm x H 251mm 3mm all round

    Type: W 170mm x H 225mm

  • 1/2 Vertical

    Trim: W 93mm x H 245mm

    Bleed: W 99mm x H 251mm 3mm all round

    Type: W 85mm x H 235mm

  • 1/4 Page Type: W 85mm x H 112mm

  • DPS

    Trim: W 380mm x H 245mm

    Bleed: W 386mm x H 251mm 3mm all round

    Type: W 360mm x H 225mm

  • Each page must be supplied as a separate file

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